PET Sheet Twin Screw Extrusion Line

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Suitable Material APET APET
Screw Specification(mm) Φ75 Φ95
Roller Specification(mm) Φ330 x 1000  Φ490 x 1000 Φ490 x1000 Φ330 x 1000  Φ490 x 1000  Φ490 x1000
Sheet Thickness(mm) 0.18-105 0.18-105
Sheet Width(mm) ≤850 ≤850
Max Output(kg/h) 300-400 500-600
Total Capacity(kw) 280 370


The main body used to produce PET sheet material, is a double screw extruder. With this, power consumption in drying pre-crystallized material can be reduced. Featuring high productivity, low power consumption and excellent plasticization capability, it’s also suitable for processing regrind material.

The screw part adopting the blocking structure is a mesh conjugated double-headed thread. Since it is designed and optimized by computer and manufactured precisely, this component features excellent self-cleaning as well as interchangeability ability. Moreover, it can be assembled in several ways.

The assembling of screw component is designed according to customers’ material and process technique. It is optimized on the basis of experience in screw configuration research and design over the past several years, and upgraded with updated software technology. Based on these, several functions in accordance with different needs can be realized, such as plastic transfer, mixed refining, shear & dispersion, and etc. It can not only be used in PET production, but also in starch based degradable material.

The cylinder is designed with a double vacuum exhaust path, to make ensure vapor and other volatile gas can be fully discharged.

The extruder is equipped with a melt dosing pump to ensure the stability of output mount and voltage. Similarly, the pressure and speed loop is controlled automatically.

To realize the automatic control in parameter setting, data operation, feedback, alarming and other functions, the whole machine is controlled by PLC.